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6 Most Expensive Pizzas at Popular Fast-Food Chains

    6 Most Expensive Pizzas at Popular Fast-Food Chains

    There are almost as many fast-food pizzas as stars in the sky (and we’re only half kidding). If you start exploring the world of pizza chains, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed by the variety of crusts, toppings, and specialty concoctions—not to mention the prices.

    While most fast-food pizza chain offerings range between $10 and $18, we wanted to investigate just how expensive pizzas can get—and what exactly you get with a pie that costs more than $20. (We’ve previously done the same with burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries).

    Aside from customizations, we scoured the largest pies from the country’s 18 largest pizza chains to find those that stood out for their ingredients, size, and price. So, without further ado, here are America’s most expensive fast-food pizzas.

    1. Hungry Howie’s Works Pizza, XL

    This specialty pie from Hungry Howie’s is also one of the most expensive of the five largest national pizza chains. The 16-inch XL Works Pizza is topped with pepperoni, ham, mushroom, green pepper, onion, Italian sausage, beef, black olive, and extra mozzarella. It’s the most layered and expensive specialty pizza on the chain’s menu, costing $21.

    2. Papa John’s Handcrafted Specialty Pizza, XL

    Some of Papa John’s most popular items are the Handcrafted Specialty Pizzas. They come in various flavors, including Ultimate Pepperoni, Super Hawaiian, and Fiery Buffalo Chicken, and cost $21.99 for an extra-large, 16-inch pie. If you’re looking for the recently launched and heavily advertised Epic Stuffed Crust, add it to a large specialty pie (the chain doesn’t offer it in extra-large) and pay the same $21.99.

    3. Mellow Mushroom Specialty Pizza, L

    Mellow Mushroom may not be a household name, but this 177-location regional chain has a devoted following. In 2020, customers rated the chain’s pizza as the second most crave-able in the country. And you’ll pay more for its delicious crust and gourmet toppings, which can all be found on their Stone Baked Specialty Pizzas. Unfortunately, the large pie at the chain is 16 inches long, corresponding to extra-large sizes at most other chains, and costs $25. Instead, try the Kosmic Karma, Holy Shiitake, and Backyard BBQ creations.

    4. Round Table’s Premium Pizza, XL

    This well-known 450-location chain is primarily found in the West but headquartered in Atlanta. And its Premium pies are on par with some of the country’s most expensive fast-food pizzas. For example, some pies, such as King Arthur’s Supreme and Chicken & Garlic Gourmet, cost $26.99 for an extra-large, 16-inch pie.

    5. Jet’s Specialty Pizza, XL

    Jet’s pizzas are substantial, especially the Detroit-style offering with its chunky, bread-like crust. So it’s unsurprising that some of their Specialty Pizzas, which come with 15 square slices and can feed a small army, cost around $31. What’s more, guess what? Even the XL isn’t their largest size! The chain also sells a Party Tray size with 30 square slices. It costs more than $56 because it is roughly double the size of an extra-large pie.

    6. Mountain Mike’s Specialty Pizza, Mountain size (XL)

    Mountain Mike’s Mountain-sized pizza is legendary. With a diameter of 20 inches, it’s the largest fast-food pizza available—and just looking at it makes you want to climb a mountain to burn off the calories. The chain’s Specialty Pizzas, such as The Everest, Mt. Veggiemore, and Snowy Alps, will set you back $39.99 in this massive size.

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