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Premium vs. Commodity: How Ingredients Define Your Pizza

    Premium vs. Commodity How Ingredients Define Your Pizza

    When the craving for pizza strikes, customers want more than the convenience of swinging into a convenience store or deli and picking up a slice or whole pie. They want a memorable pizza experience, from the visual appeal and aroma to each satisfying bite’s perfect texture and flavor.

    Low-cost commodity pizzas may fill stomachs, but rising customer expectations necessitate premium pies made with the best pizza crust and quality ingredients. So which would you rather be remembered for?

    Use these suggestions to meet the demand for premium pizza that customers rave about, can’t get enough of, and buy frequently.

    Be the best at toppings.

    Customers’ pizza fantasies include peak-season vegetables, select meats, and fresh cheese. However, seeing quality ingredients artfully arranged on a par-baked crust is just as important as eating it.

    However, you may be tempted to pile on the toppings. Before you do, consider the fact that food costs can quickly add up. The keys to profitability are using the restaurant industry standard of food costs not exceeding 28-30% of gross sales, weighing and measuring toppings, and these best practices. Be generous, but keep in mind your financial constraints.

    However, profitability is meaningless if your premium pizza is a flop. Fresh vegetables and meats contain more moisture than dehydrated counterparts, and failing to account for it can have a negative impact on pizza quality. More moisture means more chances of soggy crusts, which are a surefire customer turnoff.

    The best pizza crust to use with fresh toppings is par-baked. Par-baked crusts are partially baked ahead of time, reducing final baking times. As a result, watery vegetables and other moisture-laden toppings do not sit on top of the crust for extended periods of time and saturate the dough. No soggy crusts — just a lot of happy customers!

    These crusts are a must

    The structural integrity of kips pizza’s par-baked pizza crusts is not the only benefit of using fresh ingredients. The available thicknesses, flavor profiles, and characteristics provide premium pizza flexibility while also sending a clear message to customers: this is not a commodity pie.

    Consider the customer-pleasing and profitable possibilities of:

    • Authentic Wood-Fired Crusts that are baked over a real wood fire in a lava stone deck oven. A final bake in any non-high-heat oven is all that is required to achieve an artisanal look and taste.
    • Par Baked Crusts with a variety of flavors, sizes, and shapes that provide the ultimate in convenience and ease of handling.
    • Signature Crusts turn your crust concept or proprietary recipe into a versatile reality for custom premium pies, limited-time offerings, appetizers, and more.

    Pizza lovers are picky. They will not compromise on their ideal pizza experience by choosing between convenience and quality. Your premium pizza must be flawless. Make it so by combining high-quality ingredients with the best pizza crusts for your oven, vision, and offerings.

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